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Ever since the CAC was enlarged in 2007, hundreds of students, young and old, have enjoyed the comfort and security of a well-maintained facility.

More than 14 years later, we need to make some repairs and upgrades. The "new" floor in Studio B is now pitted and worn. The windows throughout need insulating shades. The pipes need to be cleaned. The 100-year-old roof over the original section of the building needs to be replaced. There are electrical issues. And we need whiteboards for our classrooms.

So we are reaching out to you - our community - for help in making this all possible. Please join us with whatever contribution you can make. We are most grateful.

Our deepest thanks to the following donors:


Lead Donors

Thank you!

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National Parks Realty- Eureka

Sandi Hall

Flavor Road

Flavor Road

Diane Beaumont

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Kootenai Sand & Gravel

Mandi Truman

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Our Goal: $22,700

Refinish the floor: $8,500

The 1750 square foot floor installed in 2014 is now pitted and scarred - an eyesore for students and soon a liability if not refinished.

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Replace 100-year-old roof: $11,000

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Upgrade window treatments: $2,000

Replace broken venetians in Studio B, add venetians in Studio A and insulating honeycombs in Studio C


Add whiteboards to classrooms: $200

As we grow beyond Spanish language and art classes, so will the need for teaching materials such as whiteboards in two classrooms.

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Install water treatment system: $1,500

Cleaning the pipes continuously will prolong the life of our water heater, water cooler, and pipes overall.


Upgrade electric: $500

Add outlets at strategic locations so that extensions cords are gone and no more than two appliances are plugged in.