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Heidi Haidle
CADS alumnus

Growing up in Eureka MT in the 80’s and 90’s was a pretty isolating experience, in retrospect. As an adult I often wonder what things I may have excelled at, if I had had the opportunity. Could I have been a competitive gymnast, or an Olympic figure skater? Luckily for me, the Creative Arts Center offered dance classes and other performance opportunities.


I started taking dance with Ms. Cheryl at age 8, and participated in every play I could get cast in. Without the CAC, an upbringing bereft of many opportunities to excel in the performing arts would have been lacking any at all. I am eternally grateful for Ms. Cheryl and all of the artists who offered classes, put on plays and brought performance to our small isolated town.


I went on to major in dance for a few years at University of Montana in Missoula, get involved in yoga classes and then eventually join my local circus in Bellingham WA. We put on a show every month (outside of the pandemic) and I have been involved in show organization and production, as well as performed stilts and a variety of aerial apparatus.


Being part of the Bellingham Circus Guild has felt like one of the most rewarding things in my life, and it all started with dance classes with Ms. Cheryl in a very small dance studio outside of town at 8 years old. To begin training at a young age is not only key physically, but the mental preparation to be able to command a stage is also a well-honed skill.


Thank you, Creative Arts Center!!  

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