Katie Cook

Katie Cook.jpg

Interim Chair, CAC Board of Directors

Instructor, Creative Arts Dance Studio; floor runner at Lucky Lil's; volunteer with Ten Lakes Snowmobile Club (nonprofit community group)

Twila Webb

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Secretary, CAC Board of Directors


Born and raised in this beautiful place. It matters that we have activities available for the youth in our community. The Creative Arts Center has provided a variety of classes for many years that otherwise would not be an option. It is a privilege to help keep the Center alive and well.

Sally Balderston

Sally Balderston.jpg

Member, CAC Board of Directors

Founder, co-owner and curator, Manifestations Gallery (a gallery for local artists in Eureka); fitness professional and educator at the CAC

Kara Minnis

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Member, CAC Board of Directors

Director of Creative Arts Dance Studio; licensed massage therapist

Cheryl Bressi

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Vice Chair, CAC Board of Directors


From the dance world to the fitness industry. “Movement is my passion. I am inspired to share my knowledge for implementing safe, mindful exercise programs along with identifying and assessing areas in life that would benefit with change.”

Cheryl’s career as founder and director of The Creative Arts Dance Studio for 26 years gives her a foundation in knowing body alignment, technique and a love of expression through movement. Since 2008 she has been shaking it up and working it out with her business, Total Balance Fitness. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and a Certified Pilates Instructor. She currently is offering in-person and virtual training sessions. 

When Cheryl is not assisting her clients, you might find her nurturing her wellness businesses, taking or teaching a tap class, walking with community groups, hiking, biking or going on weekend excursions with her husband and best friend.


She serves as a Board of Directors member for the Creative Arts Center in Eureka MT and actively collaborates with Entrepreneur groups in Pasadena CA.


Cheryl has three daughters and a son that are the light of her life. She spends her summers in Montana and winters in California. 

Jane Mino

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Treasurer, CAC Board of Directors

Yoga Instructor; Spanish Language Instructor; Office Manager/Bookkeeper Tobacco Valley Electric; Bookkeeper Eureka UPS Store; Treasurer Tobacco Valley Board of History

Karin Lamb

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Member, CAC Board of Directors

Self-employed artist and art educator

volunteer with nonprofits, including the Sunburst Community Service Foundation

Naomi Wheat


Member, CAC Board of Directors

National Parks Realty employee; social media coordinator for HA Brewing and the Manifestations Gallery in Eureka; former executive director of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce; former board member of Glacier Country (information service)

Arri selfie.JPG
Arri Sendzimir, Facility Director

I'm responsible for the building and for the success of the programs that take place in it.

I make sure that everyone is comfortable because the heat is just right. I work with Shawn Houston, our maintenance contractor, to make sure that the floors are clean and the bathrooms immaculate. I watch the basement in case there's water on the floor. I water the grass in the summer so it's green, and I call Fast Freddie in the winter if the parking area needs to be plowed.

I respond to phone and email messages, open the mail, pay the bills, deposit the rents, and check our drop boxes for messages.

I develop and manage our website as well as our Facebook and Instagram sites in order to promote the CAC and its programs. I also create and post posters around town. "They win, we win" is my motto.

Finally (?), I develop partnerships with the likes of North Valley Music School and Zero to Five so that we may all benefit from what we all have to offer, and I write grants to promote those partnerships.