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WHO: ALL CAC members

NOMINATE: closed

VOTE: from 5pm October 2 until 5pm October 9

WHY: You need to choose the CAC's new Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary, good for the next 2 years




Voting starts at 5pm Saturday, October 2, and ends at 5pm Saturday, October 9.

Use the form "Here's My Vote" to register your vote.

You must be a current CAC member for your vote to qualify. Check your status here.

Questions? Contact us!
Every person who is a CAC member and votes during the voting period will be entitled to one free class at the CAC, good until the end of this year.
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Mandi Truman.JPG

Mandi Truman

Chair, Board of Directors

As chair, my primary goal would be to ensure the Council and Center continue to operate and provide a space in our community for art programs! Art is powerful. It can influence opinions, create messages, instill values, and even build communication between people. Art affects the fundamental sense of self, and every human deserves a space that provides that, and I’m thankful the CAC has a space for the arts. If voted as Chair, I will continue to dedicate time and energy to fulfill The CAC’s mission.

Cheryl profile pic 100221.jpg


Vice Chair, Board of Directors

My name is Cheryl Bressi and I have accepted the nomination for the Executive position of Vice-Chair for the Creative Arts Council. 

I was the founding Director of the Creative Arts Dance Studio which I started in 1987 and one of the founding members of the Creative Arts Center. 
My history with the Creative Arts Center runs deep. 

I currently am a health and fitness industry leader, a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Youth Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

My two daughters grew up being very involved in many of the programs at the Creative Arts Center including dance, art, music and tumbling. My daughter Kara Minnis is the current director of the Creative Arts Dance Studio. 

My interest, my history and my love for the Creative Arts Center continues to feed my drive to be involved. I will put in the time and do what it takes to ensure that the people in our community continue to have the opportunity to learn, develop and express themselves through the variety of art programs such as those offered at the Creative Arts Center.  

Twila photo cropped.jpg



I am Twila Webb and have accepted the nomination for Secretary. 

Born and raised in this beautiful place. It matters that we have activities available for the youth in our community. The Creative Arts Center has provided a variety of classes for many years that otherwise would not be an option. It would be a privilege to help keep the Center alive and well.

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